A Knowledge Distillation Framework for Multi-Organ Segmentation of Medaka Fish in Tomographic Image

Authors: Jwalin Bhatt, Yaroslav Zharov, Sungho Suh, Tilo Baumbach, Vincent Heuveline, and Paul Lukowicz


Efficient Self-Supervision using Patch-based Contrastive Learning for Histopathology Image Segmentation

Authors: Nicklas Boserup, Raghavendra Selvan


Addressing Sustainable ML Life-cycles through Human-Centered Design

Authors: Eya Ben Chaaben, Janin Koch


Latent Inspector: An Interactive Tool for Probing Neural Network Behaviors Through Arbitrary Latent Activation

Authors: Daniel Geißler, Bo Zhou, Paul Lukowicz


FieldHAR: A Fully Integrated End-to-end RTL Framework for Human Activity Recognition with Neural Networks from Heterogeneous Sensors

Authors: Mengxi Liu; Bo Zhou; Zimin Zhao; Hyeonseok Hong; Hyun Kim; Sungho Suh; Vitor Fortes Rey; Paul Lukowicz


Energy Efficiency Impact of Processing in Memory: A Comprehensive Review of Workloads on the UPMEM Architecture

Authors: Yann Falevoz & Julien Legriel


Novel Adaptive Quantization Methodology for 8-bit Floating-Point DNN Training

Authors: Mohammad Hassani Sadi, Chirag Sudarshan, and Norbert Wehn


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